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Chicago - North Shore


The warm, enveloping and fascinating atmosphere that opens at the gates of the Villa on the North Shore on Lake Michigan, in Chicago, draws you into a world completely signed by Martini Interiors.

The furniture skilfully handmade by master craftsmen and the design elements create a path in the history of Martini that unfolds from the love for Made in Italy furniture, the one that wants to respond to the needs and lifestyle of its customers, up to the conception, realization and assembly of its 100% customizable products.

The house is a traditional American mansion with columns and a porticoed entrance: it contains colonial and Victorian hints at the same time. It is an extraordinarily bright house that stands undisturbed at the end of a driveway surrounded by green lawns: the serenity you breathe inside is the same, all in perfect balance. By touching the surfaces with your hands, you perceive their value; they are full of stories, of simple materials completely transformed into design elements, beautiful, elegant, essential.

The architectural structure of the building is divided into rooms, halls, large and airy spaces where the furnishings by Martini are inserted, made in collaboration with Prestige Designs of Chicago.

For this residence Martini created the interiors of the kitchen, pantry, bar, walk-in closet and bathrooms. All the furniture was made to measure, very personal and suited to the needs of each member of the family. Martini Interiors has put the art of hand-made products at the customer's service to create beautiful, comfortable, functional and in any case contemporary products.

All the colors are played on light shades that give lightness and brightness to the rooms. The light shade is sometimes embellished by dark walnut and sometimes by ebony, warm and enveloping essences, which are always enriched with antique brass inserts.

The furniture is part of the “Essenza” collection where simple shapes with a strong material identity mix with minimal modularity. Each element is personalized, from the finishes to the handles. Every little detail is studied to perfection and it is precisely this attention to detail that makes the unmistakable style of Martini Interiors unique.

Entering the kitchen you are fascinated by the design that integrates perfectly with the style of the staircase and the living room. The kitchen communicates with the living area making the large space harmonious and functional.

The kitchen is served by the island in glossy ebony which is highlighted by brass elements, which are also echoed in the tailor-made handles and in the finishes of the drawers and doors. The island completes the configuration of the kitchen and serves as a central element for the preparation and consumption of meals.

The display cabinets and wall units develop two by two on the side of the hob and the built-in extractor hood is positioned in the center of the composition, creating a continuous line.

The ebony island is the perfect place to experience the kitchen space and keep everything in order. Everything is simple, technological and functional at the highest level.

Of great importance for the kitchen is the connection with the pantry, large and efficient. It is made with lacquered and pearly glossy finishes, always with brass decorations.

Particular attention was paid to the bar area: a large and comfortable luxury relaxation lounge. Simple, linear, made in dark walnut with Deco pilasters. The brightness is given by the decorative elements in antique brass. Comfort comes first; a relaxed environment dedicated to conviviality where comfortable stools in studded velvet complete the design.

Upstairs the custom-made walk-in closet: all four sides that surround the central chest of drawers in platinum white lacquer are ready for storing clothes and jewelery. Anyone would dream of a space like this to take care of their appearance, their body and to pamper themselves among the light and refined furniture with light chrome plating with the possibility of having clothes and accessories at hand.

For this villa, Martini has masterfully developed a series of extremely refined bathrooms where particular emphasis is placed on an environment that is increasingly becoming an area dedicated to the care of one's body and the physical well-being of the person.

The structure has been designed with special attention to functionality and what is generally considered a service area, in this design by Martini, has evolved into a luxury environment. Certified water-repellent finishes have been added to the handcrafted and well-finished materials and the total white tones, guaranteeing quality in the long term.

The shelves and containers complete the bathroom by offering spaces and shelves ready for the subdivision of one's own objects for body care.

Four other bathrooms follow: in the first two shades of white and decorative brass elements are used, while in the last ones, the glossy finishes in pearl gray are the protagonists. All this is completed with the two powder rooms, literally "ladies' bathroom" , known for being the service used by guests. All custom-designed furniture is made respectively in Gray oak and in a platinum white and polished steel finish.

The dominant trait of Martini's DNA is evident in the villa in Chicago: nothing is left to chance and elegance is harmoniously declined in every room of the house where the strength of craftsmanship and hand-made tradition is presented.

Hospitality, functionality and design for a unique contemporary living.

At Martini Interiors we design and manufacture bespoke kitchens and customized furnishings of great prestige and value for you.