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Beth, bespoke kitchens, English style By Martini Interiors

Beth - English style kitchens

The Italian interpretation of the English style

With Beth, the kitchen created by Roberto Conato, in close collaboration with the design office of Martini Interiors, we want to represent our interpretation of the English style, with the quality and attention to detail typical of the Italian and Veronese tradition.

Our Verona is the city where Shakespeare set some of his most famous works, such as "Romeo and Juliet" and "The gentlemen of Verona" and it is to the English playwright that we dedicate this creation.

The shaker style, typical of the Anglo-Saxon construction tradition, offers a country-style style, with an elegant and refined meaning.

This model is designed to be used, aged at home and enjoyed to the full with family and friends.

The fixed frame structure gives the kitchen an artisanal look, each composition, in fact, must be made on the spot.

The completely artisanal process allows, therefore, to create all the compositions respecting the symmetries and proportions, without having to adhere to rigid dimensional standards, typical of industrial compositions.

The internal structures are made of solid wood and can be lacquered or polished.

The drawers, here proposed in solid ash with dovetail joint, are available in different finishes and materials.

The kitchen looks like it has been designed in separate blocks, in order to allow people to easily pass through studied paths.


The main block is a linear composition of about six meters in length.

On the left there is the sink area, where a ceramic sink gives a refined and elegant line to the environment. On the sides there is a large dishwasher and a removable basket for separate waste collection.

The garbage grinder has been inserted under the sink, an ecological choice that favors the reduction of wet garbage.

Above the sink there is the plate rack, where you can store the most used dishes. This is surrounded by showcase wall units.

In the center, the large tailored hood with metal elements and studs takes the scene.

Around it all the shelves are luminous applied to a slatted boiserie. The large cooking block allows perfect and rapid cooking and the side opening slits easily contain cutting board and tray.

Going to the right we find a backlit wine container module, above which we have placed an element with recessed doors, designed to contain a small appliance.

The oven / microwave column has, in the upper part, the drip pan holder.


The tall unit area, made in the French Gray finish, begins with a fridge / freezer on the left. On the right side we have created a generously sized pantry, equipped with baskets and power sockets, for simple daily use.


The open island has a great charm thanks to the slatted shelves and the ash wood top. On the side there is a convenient flap that hides the power sockets, always handy when cooking.