Author games - luxury bespoke kitchens

The "author's play" kitchen plays with sinuous shapes and the rigor of vertical lines.

On the cooking area you can see the rounded hood with curved elements in Florentine glass. Under it, the concave boiserie and convex shelves are functional and fascinating.

the rounded corner represents the union between the great artisan tradition of which Martini Interiors is a proud promoter and the most advanced technology.

In the washing area, the pantograph monthly magazine features a glass with elements cooked in fusion.

The decorative elements such as pilasters and frames are rounded and the whole composition, both in its lacquered and in walnut parts, is decorated with gold leaf. These elements are made exclusively of solid wood worked by hand.

The patinated walnut bar counter is incredibly functional for serving guests.

Also noteworthy are the custom-made bench, the backs in mosaic with gold and the top in granite.

Finally, the composition is made pervaded by the Barbra stool and chair and the Clark table, made in the same finish as the counter, and with precious silk fabrics.

All Martini kitchens are made to measure.