Bakersfield, CA - USA


The family that owns this wonderful mansion in Bakersfield, in central California, is made up of two gentlemen in their sixties and three daughters.

The residence is located in an elite area of ​​the city, with access to the golf course, which can be enjoyed from the rear swimming pool.

In this house we have designed and created the furnishing of every single part of the furniture, from the kitchen to the wardrobes, from the bathrooms (9 in all) to the garage.

The style requested by the client, with the exclusion of some specific areas, is a light classic, with a sober decoration.

The bespoke kitchen in the residence is of great impact thanks to its two work islands and the dividing counter with the living area. The dizzying height of the wall units, including the illuminated over-wall unit, makes the environment slender and elegant. The IDEA model, thanks to its light decorative pilasters and the finely squared door, with a patinated lacquered finish, is an example of a timeless classic.

Near the kitchen there is the service bar, the cupboard, the passageway to the dining area.

The living area features a custom-made fireplace composition with symmetrical devorative showcases. Above the fireplace there is a large visual screen also from the kitchen.

The study for the lady finds a place in the dwelling, with the large desk with the central part covered in leather and the bookcase behind it.

The wine cellar is a true masterpiece. We have reproduced the carved grape clusters and studied every single centimeter to make it functional and aesthetically wonderful.

The family room, along with the upstairs playroom, are areas where we have used walnut to give a more austere atmosphere to the room.

In the bedrooms we have created fireplaces, common areas, mini bars in the room and custom-made bathrooms.

Finally, the laundry room and the furniture for the garage are the completion of an incredible villa, finely furnished to measure.

At Martini we design, manufacture and install bespoke kitchens and customized furnishings for the most beautiful residences in the world, and this is an example of this.