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The tradition that makes innovation possible

The long history that leads to our bespoke kitchens

1965: The inspiration of the Italian family

It was 1965 when Giorgio Martini, thanks to the support of his father, built the first artisan workshop in Bovolone, in the heart of the Verona furniture district.
Thanks to his skilled hands and his gaze towards the future, Martini Interiors soon became the local reference point for the production of high quality classic furniture.

1975: Personalization as a fixed point

Martini soon felt the need to offer to customers, then only Italian ones, personalized products. Thus begins the production of bespoke furniture for the living and sleeping area such as wardrobes, bookcases, boiserie.
Collaborations with leading architecture and product design studies began in these years, with the aim of making Martini compositions increasingly spectacular and attractive.

1984: The kitchens: the house opens to the guest

The new trends in style outline the open space as a functional environment, the kitchen soon becomes a FUNDAMENTAL part of the furnishing, to be shown to the guest. From this premise Martini UNDERTAKES the path towards the design and production of customized kitchens, which can be combined with the ENTIRE furnishings.

1995: A new generation, a new business model

The gradual entry of the second generation into the company gives Martini a new and renewed vigor, which soon turns into a boost to exports.
Gradually the production is oriented towards luxury, the introduction of models that would have made the company's history shortly after: Tosca, Aida and Oliver's House.

2010: The total living

Total living has become increasingly concrete and tangible. The evolution is continuous: expansion of the product range, new catalogs, with the constant aim of meeting the taste of increasingly attentive, sophisticated and aware customers.
Loyal to the principle of tailoring and customization, Martini has extended its operational sphere to the residential contract sector. THIS NEW PHASE has made Martini even more flexible and able to satisfy all furnishing needs.

Present: The prestige of the offer and the complete service

Nowadays Martini is characterized by the realization of complete furnishings. In recent years we have focused on turnkey service, redefining the concept of design in an innovative way.
In 2018 "the villa" was inaugurated the extraordinary as well as unusual design studio and company showroom in the center of Verona. In this space, the customer is put in contact with the company directly, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in the design and implementation.
In 2019 a new factory is inaugurated in Bovolone, with the aim of further increasing Martini's range.