Martini Interiors offers never-ending customization possibilities.
The measures, the proportions and all the smallest technical and aesthetic details are taken care of in a maniacal way in order to offer you the highest quality for furnishings that last over time.

Solid wood
The natural material per excellence that makes every creation alive, with attention to sustainability

The carving
The sculptural technique of wood, thanks to which three-dimensional decorations can be obtained

The inlay
The technique of panel decoration, created by combining different types of wood or other materials

The protection and enhancement technique of real wood

The lacquering
Performed in any color and with every gloss degree.

The metal leaf
Precious metals such as gold and silver are applied as the original leaf.

The fabric
Soft and decorative

The Metal
Strong and robust

Ductile and resistant

The glass
Refined and shining

The stone
Naturally resistant and full of charm

The details of style
The handles and the hardware