The hidden qualities

The quality of our luxury furniture is expressed through the passion that each person in the company places in creating the Martini compositions.

High quality furniture is more prestigious, long-lasting and solid. To achieve excellence, every moment is checked and verified:

Custom design

Designing in a personalized way means adapting the style, the materials, the spending budget to the customer's needs. Our expert designers know how to identify the best solutions in aesthetic and functional terms, always paying close attention to the aspects related to the intrinsic quality of the furniture product.

Careful selection of materials

Solid wood, wood panels, adhesives and paints, metal, glass and fabric. Martini furniture is composed of an infinite series of different materials, for the selection of which it is necessary to appeal to all the experience and expertise of our craftsmen and designers.

Internal production process

Each piece of Martini furniture is made within the Martini factories. This allows a continuous and assiduous control.

Raw pre installation

A custom-made furniture must be tested and tried on site, before the finishing phase and subsequent delivery. Each Martini furniture is assembled unfinished and numbered, in order to be absolutely sure of the quality of the final installation and to facilitate the assembly work.

Maintaining the reference sample

The lifetime guarantee offered by Martini is represented by the maintenance in an archive of each single sample made for each composition. This allows the perfect replicability of the elements in case of accidental damage, and the absolute possibility of future expansion